Chic and Contemporary Collection

Lauren Perre Design is a leading company in the ladies apparel industry. Our savoir faire has been evolving constantly in the fashion industry. SCAPA Lauren Perre is a collection designed and entirely manufactured in Canada. Its distinctive feminine-casual silhouette is interpreted with an innovative and contemporary manner each season.

Inspired by European trends and fabrics, the pure shapes, materials and textures used in the collection make it stand out. Our collection is designed with a sense of details, comfort, perfection for its cuts and unique workmanship. We offer distinguished designs that can be worn by today’s contemporary women. This elegant and sophisticated collection will please and value today’s modern and fashionable women.


Lauren Perre is a Montreal-based designer that has been active in the Canadian fashion scene since the 1990s. He is a leading Canadian designer that has become well known for the quality and innovation of his creations. Each season, he designs his collections based on leading trends highlighted by sophisticated fabrics and prints. His attention to details and structure has always been at the forefront of his designs.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication...
Montreal Fashion District

The collection is available at our showroom at 555 Chabanel West, which is located in the heart of Montreal’s fashion district. It is also available in the finest shops throughout North America and Europe.